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‘LEAD ME TO LIGHT’ constantly glows in the efforts of the Indore Diocesan Society - the umbrella of the School, Management - the backbone of the School, entire Staff and Supportive Staff - the ocean of truth with knowledge as well service and very much the gleaming Students - the heart throb of the School.  St. George English Medium School aspires to lead every lad and lass to Wholesome Education. 
Wholesome Education aims at unfolding humanness with divinity in an individual child along with physical and mental life.  It is engrained in the sacred intention that TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE need to be taught to the child in a fostering manner without suppressing or rejecting to conceal an inch of it.  Truth and knowledge are inseparable and they are inter-twined with each other.  Each compliments the other.  Unfortunately, these two great pillars of the human life are separated conveniently.  Present day education, which provides the child with only knowledge, is the result of this separation.  It has kept the truth out of the reach of the children.  This truth-less knowledge has misled the HUMAN - to Racism, Religious fanaticism, Regionalism, Communalism, Terrorism etc.   

Wholesome Education is conceived in the womb of the truth and nurtured in the cradle of knowledge.  The essence of Wholesome Education lies in imparting the knowledge in the light of divine truth.  The truth means that which existed in the past, truth that exists in the present and the truth which will continue to exist in the future - off course in the arena of DIVINITY that exists within every individual.  Today’s education propagates only the universe of knowledge and not the DIVINE the TRUTH in the bosom of the heart of every human.     

Wholesome education depends on the power of truth; it intends to instill the power of the truth into the child to make him or her renounce malevolence practices which paralyses humanity.  Why do we need the power of truth? The truth is needful to lead oneself to light, the light that dispels every form of ignorance and evil in an individual.  Wholesome education enables the child to develop into a complete wholesome personality.  It makes him or her physically fit, mentally sound and spiritually gracious.  Such a student is guided by the truth and can live a life of enlightenment.  It is the enlightened people who have brought constructive change in the society who lived the graciousness of humanity.   

Wholesome Education will produce a divine generation, which will be free from every form of evil.  Such generation of humanity is embraced in truth, the truth of knowledge, of peace, of love, of happiness and of unity that will prevail in the entire universe.  Let us all earnestly seek the truth, find it and clinch the truth which has been already revealed to us, we shall teach the truth and the knowledge to our children in a wholesome manner. 

Only truth and knowledge can redeem and enable the students to be magnificent Stgeorgeans in the ocean of humanity - building it and glowing in it thereby leading all to light. 

Sr.Rita PHJC


St.George H.S. School, Dhar