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Education  is  not a  preparation  for   life but, life  itself. In this  sense education  and  life are  inseparable. Education  tends  to create a social order   based on  values of freedom, Social justice and equal opportunity. Simultaneously it also  fosters  a  deeper  and   harmonious  form  of  human  development  which   leads  to   modification of  behaviours  in  an individual  through his/her continuous intensive interaction with the  environment. Education  has  always  played  an  important  role  in   shaping  the destinies  of  Societies.

It is the  mostpowerful instrument for achieving the  goals of economics development, technological progress and also for  establishing  social  cohesion.
Mahatama  Gandhi  once  said  “Education  must  begin  not  with the  children but  with  the  parent and the  community. He gave   the concept of learning by  doing .
Thus  education   ought  to  be   related  to the life,  needs  and   aspirations   of people   and   thereby   made  a  powerful  instrument   of social  ,  economic and   cultural  transformation. May  our  educational  system   Guide the development  of those  capacities  in  the  individual  which   will  enable  them  to  control  the Environment  and  fulfill  their  possibilities .

Sr.Vinaya PHJC


St.George H.S. School, Dhar