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Education is a unique investment in shaping the   present & future of a nation.  It is   invariably linked to the all round   development of human persons.  Imparting  ‘ quality  education  to all’ is  the cardinal  principle  of  the national  policy  on   education  of our  country.
The value based education continues to be    the need of   the hour. It  is the way  to  nurture  the development of  active  , peaceful  and  caring  citizens . It  calls  for universal  positive  values  , such  as  respect  honesty,  compassion , trust  integrity  of the   person  along  with   high    academic  standards.
Swami  Vivekananda pointed  out  “ Education  is  the  manifestation of  perfection  already existing  in  man” According    to him that    education  is  required  by  which  character  is  formed, strength  of the mind   is  increased,  intellect  is expanded  and  by  which  one  can  stand  on  one’s  own  feet”  
While  examinations  are  portrayed  as  important  deciding  factors  in  shaping  lives,  one must   bear  in  mind  that  success  is  not  defined  in  terms  of a  rewarding  career  but  as  opportunities  to  impact  our   society  positively.
For a  prosperous  and   developed  India,  the   important  thrust  will  be  on the    generation   of a number  of  creative  leaders  from our  educational  institution.



St.George H.S. School, Dhar