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St. George  H.S. School Dhar   Belongs to the  Catholic  Diocese  of  Indore. Children studying in our  school are given  opportunity for all  round development. Hard work is the core of success. Those  who work hard  will  not have  to regret any time  in their lives.
        Education is complete only  when it is endowed with  values. Values of  humility , patience , love, respect for  the  elders  and equals, and  above  all  forgiveness should  become essential part and  parcel of one’s  life.






Fr. Cherian
St. George H.S. School, Dhar




"Watch your thoughts; they become words,

Watch your words; they become actions,

Watch your actions; they become habits,

Watch your habits, they become character,

Watch your character, they become destiny."

-Lao Tze