Discipline & Conduct

1. Every student is expected to keep up the good tone of the school by his good work and behaviour. Disobedience, habitual idleness or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school justify on the spot dismissal.
2. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for the conduct both in and outside the school. Hence misbehaviour in public streets justifies disciplinary actions.
3. Neatness in writing, personal and general cleanliness, politiness and courtesy of speech are much emphasized. Therefore, spilling of ink, scribbling on school desks or walls, stealing or damaging other students belongings or school property will be treated seriously.
4. In the absence of teacher the class captain is responsible for maintaining silence and order in the class particularly at the beginning of each period.
5. The school is not responsible for books, money or valuable of pupils. All books, sweaters, tiffin boxes etc. found in the campus will be disposed off after one month.
6. Mobile is not allowed in the school.
7. No one is allowed to bring any vehicle without a driving licence.


1. Attendance at prayer before the school is obligatory
because God's blessing should be invoked before
any work, neither should we neglect to offer thanks

2. At the sign of the first bell, classes led by their
teachers shall assemble without any delay, and in
silence shall show external and internal reverence.

Fee Rules

1. Fees is paid in four instalments. Total fees of the year is divided into four instalments.
2. All fees must be fully cleared by a child before he/she is admitted to any examination. Get your admission card signed by the treasurer atleast three days before.
3. Fees can be made by local cheque. Payment by cheque will have to be made before 10 days of the due date. The cheque dishonoured by bank will be liable for penalty and the facility will be discontinued to those parents.
4. The two term fees must be paid before the end of July and December. This is covered in the instalments. Term fee is meant for Annual Function, Funfare, Science Exibition, Staff Welfare Programme, Students Welfare Programme and programme outside, etc.