Leave & Absence

1. In the Handbook, place has been provided concerning Leave or Absence. Only this ought to be used, no letters. LEAVE RECORD is meant to be used by parents / guardians in case of a leave required with serious reasons. The handbook should be presented in the office well in time before attendance is taken, or else the student will be marked 'absent' by the teacher; in such case parents may be called.
2. A student who remains absent without the leave granted should, upon returning to the school, meet the Principal.
3. For longer leave, parents must personally meet or request in advance. Similarly, no application for leave will be granted if submitted by another student, when the applicant himself was present in the school. Application for sick leave will not be granted for more than 3 days at a time. The application must be renewed on plain paper if the handbook is in the class.
4. Absence of pupils from class for merely family /social functions is entirely discouraged and the school does not hold itself responsible for a pupil who suffers in his daily progress for lack of strict adherence to attendance rules. Unexcused absence for 10 consecutive days will make a student liable to have his name struck off from the register.
5. No leave will be granted on test & examination except for any grave reasons, in which case, parents have to come personally.
6. No application for half day leave will be granted, unless parents personally meet.
7. When the school sends a student out for competitions, games etc. the handbook is to be signed by the teacher-incharge. In the attendance register he/she will be marked present.